Welcome Edit

Welcome to Gwendolyn Brooks Co-operative! We hope that you will enjoy your time with the co-op. There are a great many ways in which you will contribute to the life of Brooks Co-op, some of which will be explained later on in this handbook, and some of which you will discover for yourself.

Our goal is to help you get oriented by explaining our policies and getting some original tasks out of the way. You most likely have already read some of them, but please take some time to read through the new provided links. This will help you learn how the co-op works, and why it works that way.

Of course, once you have followed the steps, you should be ready to do the things expected of all members:

  • Attend House Meetings (the more the better!)
  • Cook House Dinners (the tastier the better!)
  • Do your Chores (the cleaner the better!)
  • Abide by House Rules (the abided-by the... nevermind)
  • Help out with Minor Maintenance and Work Days
  • Be a Fun and Cooperative Housemate
  • Pay your Rent

Task List Edit

  1. Creation of a Resident page, and inclusion in the category of Current Residents.
  2. Read Wiki Practices
  3. Look through all the Handbook pages.

The policies on this wiki are not perfect and should not be viewed as unchangeable. Once you know how things are working now, if you can see a better way to do something, suggest changes! The co-op belongs to you, not to the people who wrote this text.