Meetings are held about every other week. Please make every effort to attend; this is where the co-op makes decisions, discusses long-term projects and the general state of the house. Make your voice heard! Strike the gavel! House members are expected to attend in person at least half of the meetings each month and should attend the entire meeting unless they have a valid reason for missing it. Each meeting lasts approximately 1-2 hours. Missing both house meetings in a month results in a $10 fine or one hour of work.


The agenda for each meeting can be found online and is editable by all house members. The meeting agenda typically includes a check-in, reports from house coordinators and then a discussion of agenda items. In addition, house members should only put items on the “action items” section of the agenda if they will be present at the meeting to discuss them (other items can be added to the “tabled” section).

The house Secretary takes official notes and distributes these to house members. The secretary may choose to name a facilitator who keeps the discussion on-track.

Making DecisionsEdit

A meeting must have at least half of the house current house members present for it to take place. Most decisions can be made by majority-rules voting. However, certain decisions require modified consensus, meaning the motion does not pass if two or more people oppose it. Decisions requiring modified consensus include membership decisions, eviction decisions, and major financial decisions (one that involves a sum of money equal to or more than $10 per person.) For any decision, the house may choose (by majority vote) to require modified consensus. Similarly, for any decision, the house may choose (by majority vote) to use a secret ballot.

Members can call for emergency meetings if a majority of house members agree. An issue can be revisited if a majority of members agree. Each member is bound to follow house policies decided at house meetings.