Responsibilities Edit

  • Arranges for structural and appliance repairs
  • Does not need to personally fix things, but coordinates to have them fixed
  • Communicates with NASCO about budgets for major and minor maintenance projects
    • money can come from the house, COUCH (us and Harvest), or NASCO.
      1. House: vote on it at house meetings (this is money that has accumulated from food rents)
      2. COUCH: vote on it at COUCH meetings (tell Jacob, or other COUCH treasurer), we have ~$13,000 here from extra rent monies
      3. NASCO: Major (~$11,500, we keep what we do not spend and are given additional funds yearly)and minor ($7,100/year, use it or lose it!) maintenance funds. Major is anything over $1000 or spent at Daniel's ( discretion (Nasco’s policy: paint and mattresses are not maintenance, unless there is an extenuating circumstance). The fiscal year here is May-April. We can use up to ⅓ of minor account, and anything over, we cooperate with Harvest to decide how to spend. See below for policies.
  • Acts as Groundskeeper (shoveling snow, mowing grass, raking leaves) (TODO: Is this true?)
  • Arranges Work Days

Gets two less cookings (divided between two people if two coordinators). This can be adjusted based on amount of time spent per month-work with the Labor Coordinator to make adjustments.

NP Maintenance Policy Edit

3.2.3. Definition of Maintenance (6/14) The use of NASCO Properties maintenance funds shall be limited to projects directly related to the upkeep of property. This includes any structural or mechanical systems related to the habitability of the property as well as any expenses required for the health and safety of residents. This also includes any projects required for code compliance, requirements set out by lenders to NP, or requirements to continue property or liability insurance coverage.

  • Maintenance funds may be used for materials and equipment related to maintenance, including tools that the coop may use for other projects in the future.
  • Maintenance funds may be used for labor or service fees paid to a third party. If labor or service fees are being paid to a member of the NP board, the cooperative, or the cooperative's board, this payment must comply with policy (Conflicts of Interest), and be approved by the NP General Manager.
  • In the event of a planned Labor Holiday where coop members are contributing their time to a larger set of goals, it is reasonable that maintenance funds may be used to make modest food purchases. The goal of this policy is not to use maintenance funding for food, but to allow the coop to focus on maintenance projects, and thereby save maintenance funding over the amount that would have been paid to outside labor.

3.2.4 Amenities (6/14) NASCO Properties maintenance funds (including capital improvements, minor maintenance, or maintenance reserve funds) shall not be used for amenities which cannot otherwise be shown to be covered under policy 3.2.3. NP Leasing coops are encouraged to create their own amenities budgets for social events, recreational expenses, or aesthetic improvements. Amenities include (but are not limited to):

  • Kitchen appliances or equipment beyond ovens, cooking surfaces, prep surfaces, plumbing, and refrigeration
  • Any gardening or landscaping not directly required to soil drainage, building foundations, or health/safety/code issues
  • Recreational equipment, including audio/video equipment, and sports or game equipment
  • Computer or networking equipment
  • Furniture and decorations

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