Responsibilities Edit

  • Schedules cooking and chore assignments
  • Oversees proper completion of chores
  • Coordinates with secretary and finance coordinator regarding fines and warnings associated with missed cookings or chores

Gets one less cooking each month.

Cooking Schedule Edit

Brooks currently has house dinners Sunday through Thursday each week. Two people cook each day - 2 hours of food prep and 1 hour of clean up.

Here is the process for creating the cooking schedule:

  • About halfway through the month, send out a doodle poll to the house for next month's availability. The month may have 4 or 5 weeks (instead of half-weeks that coincide exactly with the calendar month).
  • Use the google spreadsheet Brooks House Cooking Schedule
    • Start by copying both the current information ('Cooking' sheet) and calendar ('[Month] Calendar' sheet) into a new sheet in the Brooks House Cooking Archive spreadsheet (only paste the values) This keeps a record of past schedules.
    • Take the last column 'Unassigned', transfer the numbers (manually) to the first column 'Balance', and multiply them by -1 (negative unassigned cooking means positive balance, i.e., cook less next month).
    • Reset the OOT (out of town) compensation and make sure coordinator roles are up to date
    • Delete all the schedule assignments from the calendar sheet (and rename the sheet to the current month). The columns next to the names are just referencing values from the 'Cooking' sheet, so leave these alone.
      • If there are new members you may need to remove or add rows to update the member list. Just make sure the cell references are all correct once this is done.
    • Based on doodle availability, assign cookings by typing in member names into the calendar cells. These are automatically counted and update the columns at the right. The goal is that nobody is negative on the 'still available' column, and that everyone has roughly the same number left over.
  • Once a schedule has been entered, email the proposed schedule to the house so that everyone has a chance to check that the scheduling is correct.