Part of the application process for Brooks membership is an interview, held in person or over Skype or Google. These are usually held during house dinners.

Goals Edit

The goals of the interview are for both the applicant and members to decide if they and the house are a good fit.

  1. Applicant has trait such-and-such
  2. TODO: make this list

Questions Edit

Here is a list of questions that might be asked during an interview.

  1. What experience do you have living with other people (what did you like/dislike about it)?
  2. What do/would you like to cook? What do/would you like to eat?
  3. Tell us about a conflict you've had in a living situation
  4. Would you feel comfortable living with someone of a different ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc?
  5. More detailed explanation of time commitments
  6. What do you hope to gain by being in a coop vs another living situation (e.g. apartment)?
  7. What are things you'd like to do with house members?
  8. Do you have any skills you can bring to the house?
  9. What is something you would like the house to have? (e.g. compost; regardless of whether we already have it)
  10. What do you do for fun/to relax?
  11. Is there anything else you'd like to know about us or our house?
  12. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
  13. How did you find community (social groups) in the past? (outside of work)
  14. What are ways you worked to improve your home/living environment?
  15. What would you like to organize in/for the house?
  16. Tell us about something you care about, and an idea you've had about it.
  17. What is something you would never want to have in a living situation?
  18. What do you think your references would say about you?