Hani Awni
Focus Neuroengineering
Moved In May 1st, 2015
Interests Conversations, Computer Science, Neuroscience, The Natural World, Boardgaming, PnPRpgs
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About Me Edit

Hello! I'm attending UIUC for a second undergraduate degree focusing in Electrical Engineering, specifically robotics, control theory, and photonics. My first was a Brain-Machine Interfacing custom degree in the Computer Science department at UIUC.

I'm interested in the numerous ways we can build and use hybrid neural and computer systems. Previously, I've implemented an N2PCSpeller which could, by controlling what is presented on each side of the screen, and some basic analysis of an EEG signal, be used to type on a computer. I also made Moodband for a hackathon, which displays your current emotional state on your wrist as a watch, mainly aimed at the augmented gaming that could be done with it.

Interest in Coops Edit

I've lived in two different intentional communities, Masonic and Fixpoint. At Masonic I was the house captain, and saw over its formation and growth as a Home for Sparks. It focused around Intellectual growth, the exchange of skills and knowledge, vibrant celebration of being alive, and having interesting, invigorating conversations, while facing as low drag as possible.

My interests in a Coop are twofold: to experience what a more normal co-op is like and how it operates, as juxtaposed with the intensity of Masonic, and to connect with more people similarly interested in growing together on our respective journeys. While my primary focus is my classes, I prefer for my place of residence to be one of constant background social interaction.