Below is the contract for food boarders.


This is all access to all food, all the time.

Full food boarders agree to contribute 3 hours of cooking a week.

Full boarders can have a house key, with a $40 key deposit (that will be returned when key is given back).

Live-in house members pay $36.25 a week ($145 a month), but this covers house amenities that food boarders do not benefit from as much. Therefore, food boarding rates are approximately 2/3 of this rate, $25 a week, for $100 a month.


Boarders can choose to become a pro-rated food member, based on the fraction of their weekly meals that they eat at the co-op. For example, someone who eats on average two dinners a week at the house, and no more than 2/5 of their other meals there, would pay pay $40 a month. Boarders are expected to re-sign a contract if they begin eating more than agreed to.

All pro-rated food boarders agree to contribute 1.5 hours of cooking per week.

Pro-rated food boarders have the option to get a house key, with approval from the house.


I would like to be a: full boarder / prorated boarder

I will pay: $__________  per month, by the first of the month, and contribute the expected labor.

This contract begins on __________ and ends on ___________.

Name (print): _______________________ Signature:_______________________

Date: ______________

Labor/finance coordinator signature: _______________________