About ChoresEdit

Note that the descriptions included are not exhaustive lists of everything that can possibly be done. The objective for each chore is to make the space look as clean and nice as possible (including the places people don’t often check). Make sure to explore the space, look for places dirt can hide, and things that can be improved to make the space cleaner. A little bit extra each week helps to improve the house. Don’t spend more than an average of 1 hour per week.

Chores rotate on a monthly basis. Each house member needs another house member to verify that they finished their chore after an inspection. If you feel that a chore is being done inadequately, please talk to the person directly and/or notify the Labor Coordinator.

Let the Labor Coordinator know in advance if you will be out of town. Additionally, if you do not do your chore on time, you can let the labor coordinator know and they will let you know how to make up the work, as some chores are supposed to be done a certain day (i.e. Sunday kitchen, mail sorting, taking out the trash).

Chore List Edit