Alli Nilles
Focus Computer Science
Moved In August 2015
Interests Computers, Robots, Food, Beer, Weightlifting, Friends
User Page alexandroid

About Me Edit

Hi! I am a PhD student in computer science at UIUC. My interests in computer science are mostly in the theory of robotics, specifically in abstract models of sensors and actuation. I am also very interested in minimalistic solutions to problems like navigation and localization, especially in large, complex environments (like traffic and the power grid).

Before coming to Illinois, I did a degree in physics at the Colorado School of Mines. I love backpacking, hiking, and being outside.

Interest in Co-ops Edit

I was introduced to co-ops because I spent a summer living in DSC, at UC Davis. I love the social atmosphere of co-ops, how efficiency increases when people specialize at house labor, and all the food. I am also very interested in sustainability and healthy living.